Worship Music Styles at Our Saviour’s

Liturgical Worship with Organ

Our traditional worship setting is based on liturgies from the Lutheran Book of Worship. Come experience God’s love for you through scripture readings, insightful and pertinent sermons, confession and forgiveness, the Sacraments of Holy Communion and Baptism, prayer, the Celebration Choir, handbells, song leaders, and traditional hymnody accompanied by organist, Judy Blomgren. This majestic setting retains the best of traditional Lutheran worship.

Congregational singing is part of Our Saviour’s liturgical service. The word liturgy comes from the Greek, meaning “work of the people.” This translates into a traditional service with a formal structure and many prescribed elements.

Sunday Cornerstone Worship

Our contemporary worship setting speaks to a rapidly changing world. Here we embrace innovative sounds, instrumentation, technologies…modern tools of communication, to express God’s love to a world in need. This contemporary worship is energized with popular Christian music, modern arrangements of well-known hymns, children’s and adult choirs, handbells, and other special music. Here we celebrate the best of our worship heritage while answering this generation’s hunger for belonging, familiarity, and meaningful participation.

The Cornerstone Band is led by Jennifer Thurman

Wednesday Revelation Worship

revelation worship[ rev-uh-ley-shuhn ] Noun.

A worship experience where we discover surprising, unknown facts about God and Community.

Come join us in a different worship experience and discover God in a unique way. This half-hour worship will include a new music format, a new way of experiencing communion, and a new way of praying. Each sacrament has been designed to further your relationship with God and to deepen your faith journey. Youth will be involved in a variety of ways – music, audio/visual, communion serving, ushering, reading, and assisting ministers. All are welcome!

The Revelation band is led by Jennifer Thurman jthurman@oursaviourslc.org.

Bluegrass Worship

Several times a year you will be able to enjoy a Bluegrass Sunday. You will have an opportunity to sing your favorite old-time gospel hymns complete with fiddle, banjo, mandolin, and some satisfying 3-part harmony.