Andrew's Bravery Box

Andrew’s Bravery Box Collection

For the Month of March

Andrew’s Bravery Box provides toys, games, and other fun items for children who are inpatient in the hospital. Nurses and parents can use the toys as rewards to children who bravely endure the day to day not-so-fun things that happen in the hospital. Every child will have different fears and we want to provide staff and parents with the means to make the hospitalization easier.

In July 2019, dear friends of Leisha’s lost their 6.5 year old son, Andrew, to a congenital heart defect called Aortic Stenosis. While in the hospital, his parents found it increasingly difficult to keep Andrew’s spirits up. He developed fears about what you and I might think of as simple. During his final hospitalization, his parents stocked up on small toys that they knew he loved and put them in a brown paper bag. They called it the Bravery Bag. Each time Andrew faced his fear and showed how brave he was, they let him pick an item. After a few days, he was asking the nurses toflush his IV and removing tape and leads from his skin like a champ. The Bravery Bag made life in the hospital just a little more bearable. They are now providing the same tools for other parents and children who may be in the same situation.

Bring donations with you to church and place in the bin in front of the Children/Youth Board throughout the month of March.

A list of suggested donations can be found at Suggestion List

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