Lisa Rykken Kastler

Lisa Rykken Kastler
Interim Children’s Ministry Director

763-434-6117 ext. 116
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Lisa Rykken Kastler joined Our Saviour’s staff as the part-time  Interim Children’s Ministry Director in late August, 2020. Her love for people and Jesus (not in that order) are what defines her. Even though Lisa has spent 25+ years working in congregations, there has not been a year like 2020 and there is no easy “push and play” ministry plan for children’s ministry during a pandemic. Lisa appreciates her Lutheran heritage and is counting on much grace from her new faith community.

The northern suburbs have been home to Lisa most of her life. She and her husband, Brent, have one amazing daughter and a wonderful son-in-law, who live near Boston. Lisa’s artistic husband was trained and worked as a graphic designer for years, but recently shifted his artistic endeavors to solely Christian art. They like to travel, exploring places they have never been together, whether that is small southern Minnesota towns, San Francisco, or parts of Europe.

Something you may not know about Lisa is that, though she has worked in ministry for 30+ years, Lisa has a background in theater and is a trained voice actor and loves to use her voice to make words and stories come alive. 

On a day off, Lisa has been known to pack it with hours of friend meetings – outdoors these days. Lisa was well into adulthood before she realized there were introverts in the world and was shocked to realize she had married one.