Social Justice Forum
Social Justice Forums

The Our Saviour’s Social Justice team will be presenting a series of forums to encourage education about and engagement with marginalized communities. The forums will be held on Sundays in the open office area after each service. Upcoming forums include:

  • Pronouns and Gender Identity – April 30
  • Climate Justice and Food of the Future – May 21
  • Scammers Targeting Seniors – June TBD
  • Alzheimer’s Choir – Helping Families live well with dementia through music – July 16
  • Drug use in Anoka County – through the lens of law enforcement – September TBD
  • Mental Health changes in kids since Covid – Oct TBD
Upcoming Forum – April 30

Have you been wanting to learn more about some of the pronouns people are using or why they are important?   This is your opportunity! Presenters include Abs, a person of non-binary identity and Mike and Jessica, parents of a transgender person.