Congregation-wide Service Opportunity

Random Acts
Random Acts of Kindness: Sun., Feb. 21 – Sat., Feb. 27

Join our confirmation ministry in their week of Random Acts of Kindness! Any time during this week, show kindness randomly, just for the sake of showing kindness. Make sure you take a picture or two (get permission from anyone in the picture for it to be used on OSLC social media). Send pictures and a brief description of what kindness you showed to Leisha Tays, Director of Confirmation & Youth Ministries, at

Need some ideas to get you going?
  • While you’re out in the community, compliment a parent/guardian on how well-behaved their child is.
  • Cook a meal or do a load of laundry for a friend who just had a baby or is going through a difficult time.
  • Go through your closet/ dresser and donate the clothes you no longer wear to a shelter.
  • Email or send a card/letter to a teacher who has made a difference in your life.
  • Compliment someone to their boss.
  • Look up a local organization and see how you can help (Andrew’s Bravery Box, Global Health Ministries, NACE Foodshelf, etc)
  • Leave a dollar in a Ziploc on a soda/snack vending machine with a note that says “Enjoy a treat on me!”
  • Bring some treats in for your coworkers – just because.
  • Pay for the person behind you in the drive thru.
  • Call a relative that you haven’t talked to for a while.
  • Bring gloves and a garbage bag with you on a walk and pick up garbage along the way.
  • Put sticky notes with positive messages on the mirrors in a restroom or around your house.
  • Pack food at Feed My Starving Children.
  • Volunteer at the Food Shelf or donate food.
  • Give a bouquet of flowers to someone just because and tell them why they are special to you. Or you can give them to a stranger and tell them it’s just to brighten their day.
  • Bring a coworker their favorite coffee.
  • Offer to babysit for free for parents who could use a night off.
  • Leave a roll of quarters in a laundromat with a note “Your next loads of laundry are on me!”
  • Make an art project for someone and hand deliver it.
  • Shovel a neighbor’s driveway.
  • Make a meal for your family … or cleanup from a meal.
  • Purchase some pet toys to donate to animals in a shelter.
  • Offer to return a shopping cart to the corral for someone in the grocery store parking lot who just finished loading their groceries in their car.
  • Find a needs list for a homeless/emergency shelter and make a donation.

Here’s an even bigger challenge … can you do one random act of kindness per day that week?! Let’s show the world God’s love!