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Sermon Series: Making Room for Life 

Busy? Everybody feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get stuff done. But what if the way to solve our time issue isn’t about adding more hours, or even stopping doing some things, but instead is about deciding what to invest our time in first? This series takes a look at the life of Jesus and the examples he gave us of how to prioritize what we do in our day. We’ll examine what it means to live as Christ-followers and how that helps us decide what big rocks to put in our jar first, to make room for all of the smaller rocks that fill up our day.

  • Sept. 10     Making Room for God 
  • Sept. 17     Making Room for People 
  • Sept. 24     Making Room for Mission
  • Oct. 1        Making Room for Rest 
  • Oct. 8        Making Room for Generosity

New Sermon Series starts Oct. 15: Do the Work

People are complicated. Relationships take work! When relationships break down, hurt and disappointment are often at the core. Whether the other person isn’t who we needed or wanted them to be, or if we didn’t measure up to who someone else needed or wanted us to be, the hurt, pain, & frustration we feel is real. In this series we’ll discover that restoring strained or broken relationships begins with us. We’ll encourage and challenge one another to Do the Work to begin the repair process.