Welcome to Our Saviour's Lutheran Church

Our Saviour’s Reaching Out With a Voice of Hope!

In a world that hears the screaming voices that desire to divide and harshly judge us, we have heard God call us to a new way of life. “Reaching Out With a Voice of Hope” is our bold commitment to live out the mission that Christ has given to us as a congregation. It is a mission that is filled with light, Good News and a hope of the coming new day, filled with grace and new beginnings.

If you are battle weary, struggling with a slowly healing wound inflicted by a broken relationship or loss of a job, Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church wants to reach out to you with a voice of encouragement and promise.

If your path in life has been a series of misfortunes or you have been abandoned or disappointed with the expectation of encouragement on your journey, we invite you to come to Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church with a seeking spirit. As you browse this web site and discover the many opportunities for growth, service, and fellowship we have waiting for you, we want you to know that hope abounds in this congregation. It is our desire to share the Good News of Christ’s promise of hope with you in any way we can. We promise that you will be loved and accepted just as you are. We promise to embrace you with Christ’s love and together we will walk into God’s promised future.

“Reaching Out With a Voice of Hope” is much more than a Mission Statement for our congregation. It is our conviction that this is the story of Jesus who has a message of Good News for us all. Jesus is reaching out with a whisper of hope, and we would like to invite you to discover with us where this journey of faith will lead us.