Tree of Life Library

Tree of Life Library

Mission Statement

Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church serves the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional needs of the whole Christian through promoting an educational experience that includes spiritual growth, social concerns, evangelism, and wholesome recreational reading.

About the Library

The library is located in the Gathering Space and is open whenever the church is open.

All resources can be checked out for a period of one month. Resources can be checked out anytime using the self-checkout forms on the center bookcase in the library. Instructions are located on the wall above the checkout forms.

Resources are not limited to only members of Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church; the entire community is welcome. The library team is responsible for selecting all materials. The collection is to be of high quality, broad in scope, and well balanced. The library will contain only those materials that promote the growth and understanding of Christian living for all ages while supporting ELCA doctrine.

For Children

There is a vast selection of picture and chapter books and DVDs that will help kids see God in every part of their lives.

For Young Adults

There is a non-fiction section which deals with issues that affect teens today, such as forming healthy relationships, handling peer pressure, and overcoming the challenges of living life as both a teenager and a Christian. A fiction section focuses on positive, healthy behaviors.

For Adults

The non-fiction section contains a variety of topics, such as Christian living, self-improvement, marriage, parenting, family life, and autobiographies. The fiction section grows constantly and includes topics from romance to mystery and intrigue. A section on grief also encompasses a variety of reading materials providing support for coping with the loss of a loved one. Theology references, including Biblical concordances and Bible study materials, are available for individual or small group use.


To help the library continue to grow, monetary gifts and gifts of new materials, often made in honor of a loved one or special occasion, are welcome. Donations towards new furnishings, equipment, or book processing materials for the library are necessary and very much appreciated. Please contact the church office if you are interested in making a contribution of this nature or if you have questions about making any type of donation to support the library. Materials may be donated to the library with the understanding they must first be approved as meeting the selection criteria. Donated materials that cannot be used will be returned to the donor, passed along to another library, donated to a non-profit organization, or will be sold to a used book store with proceeds going to the library for the purchase of more new materials. Materials should be in new or like new condition, and published within the last ten years, unless they are considered “classics.”

Volunteer Opportunities

The library operates with the help of an all-volunteer support staff. The library team maintains the church library and tracks incoming and outgoing resources (books, DVDs and CDs). We organize the resources of the library in an accessible way for our youth and congregation to use. If you have a love of reading, we would love to have you join our library team. We meet monthly, but we try to be responsible for all the maintenance and upkeep of a well-stocked library on a regular basis. Your time commitment is up to you. The adventures await you in the library.