Faithful Fans

Faithful Fans Startup

Parents/Guardians, do you have a child or youth in sports, arts, scouts, 4H or other fun activities? Youth/Children, are you involved in activities outside of church? We, as your church family, would love the opportunity to support you in your activities and these places where you are living out your faith! Send your season schedule of performances etc., to Leisha Tays, CYF Innovator. Please include others from Our Saviour’s who are involved in that specific activity (if you know of any others). We will invite Faithful Fans to come together and support your young person!

Faithful Fans: Supporters Children, Youth and Families!

Fans of sports, arts and other extra-curriculars! Faithful Fans gather at various extracurricular activities of the children and youth of Our Saviour’s (OSLC). You will be notified via email and/or text of upcoming opportunities, where to meet, cost, etc. Faithful fans will meet prior to an event, for meals together and sit together to cheer on our young ones as they live out their faith in areas where God has gifted them incredible skills, passion, and talents. Sign up to receive information on how to join other OSLC Faithful Fans at our children and youth’s activities!  To receive text reminders and updates, text 81010 to @oslcfan.