Faith Circle: Birth – Age 2

Faith Circle is a place where children and their parent(s)/
guardian(s) gather with a Children, Youth, & Family (CYF) staff member for circle time with song, play, story, prayer, parent support, and more.

You will make connections with your church family and CYF staff and develop some language and faith practices. Faith Circle will empower parents/guardians to be the main source of faith in their child’s life. It will provide ways to incorporate faith in your home and explore why that is so important. By attending Faith Circle, you will be laying a groundwork for faith in your child’s life and long-lasting relationships for your entire family.

Day, time, and how often Faith Circle will meet will be determined by those who are interested in the program.

Leisha Tays , CYF Innovator

Phone 763-434-6117 ext. 131 
Email Leisha Tays,

Please note: On occasion, Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church may use group photographs of children/youth in the monthly newsletter, on the church website, or as part of a display in the Rotunda. Children/youth are not identified by name. If you have concerns about photographs possibly being used in this way, please contact Leisha at