Old Fashioned School

Old Fashioned School at the Chapel

Tues., Wed., Thurs., June 21, 22, & 23
10:00 am to 2:00 pm for Grades 1-8

Students must have completed grades 1 through 8, going into 2nd-9th

 In honor of our 150th Anniversary, students will be able to attend an old fashioned school day camp at the Chapel on Swedish Dr., in Ham Lake (think Little House on the Prairie TV show, where the church is the school).  The year will be 1872.  Students are encouraged to dress in period costume, bring two sharpened lead pencils, an old-fashioned lunch in a basket or pail, and a beverage in a mason jar.  Students may bring old books, toys, wooden articles, etc. to show at school.  Students will participate in both indoor and outdoor activities.  Class size is limited to 24.  Class will be led by retired teachers Becky Beck, Judy Blomgren, and current middle school science teacher, Cheri Stockinger.

Register at Old Fashioned School Registration.

Cost: $60 (scholarship available, if requested) 
Deadline to sign up: May 21 – class size limited to 24.